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The Investor hub

want a cash offer on your home?

The Investor hub
The Investor hub

want a cash offer on your home?

There's a simple way to sell your home

The Investor hub

Our Promise

We want to change the way you think about selling your home. We offer an easy cash option for selling your home, as-is, on your timeline with zero closing costs, fees, or commissions. 

The Investor hub

How it Works

Get a cash offer today! No fee's. No Commissions. No repairs. It's really that simple! We agree on a net to seller cash offer and you choose you close date!

The Investor hub

Featured Benefits

Our clients appreciate our straightforward, trouble-free approach to selling their home, and we love making it an easy and enjoyable experience for them.

Why Sell to Us?

We pay you more!

We pay you the market value for your home, similar to what you would net if you were to list your home!

No commissions, no closing costs, ever!

Our offers are always net to seller, meaning we pay for any and all fees and closing costs!

Sell your home AS-IS.

There is no need to make repairs, paint, or even vacuum!

Go Ahead. Compare Us to Others.

You have many choices when it comes to selling your home, whether it be a traditional listing with an agent, an online company, or us. Selling your home is a major decision, so make sure you know what option works best for you and your situation.


  • Service Cost
  • Market Risk Charge
  • Repair Cost
  • Concessions
  • Closing Cost
  • Holding
  • Formal Inspection
  • As-Is
  • Net to Seller Offer

MLS/Listing Service

  • Service Cost 6%
  • Market Risk Charge 0 – 5% Approved Variance
  • Repair Cost 0 – 10%
  • Concessions 2% per MLS
  • Closing Cost 1-2%
  • Holding 2%
  • Formal Inspection Yes
  • As-Is No
  • Net to Seller Offer No

The Investor Hub

  • Service Cost 0
  • Market Risk Charge 0
  • Repair Cost 0
  • Concessions 0
  • Closing Cost 0
  • Holding 0
  • Formal Inspection No
  • As-Is Yes
  • Net to Seller Offer Yes

Other Companies

  • Service Cost 6%
  • Market Risk Charge 0-6% on zip code
  • Repair Cost 0-10% varies
  • Concessions 0
  • Closing Cost 1-2%
  • Holding 0
  • Formal Inspection Yes
  • As-Is Credited for Repairs at Closing
  • Net to Seller Offer No

Testimonials from our Happy Homeowners

At The Investor Hub we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, we aren’t happy unless our customer is happy and here are just a few examples from our happy customers:

The Investor hub

“The Investor Hub made the process stress free and worked with my time schedule. They gave me a fair price and were so pleasant to work with, I would recommend them to anyone interested in selling their home. Thank you for being so considerate of my needs!”

Sharon T.

Phoenix, AZ

“The Investor Hub was extremely professional and very easy to deal with. Very business-like while professional and courteous. I have recommended them to a couple of people already. Thank you for everything!”

Helen M.

Las Vegas, NV

“The professionalism throughout the entire experience, from contact to closing, was far beyond my expectations. The process was clearly outlined, and we were able to close within 2 weeks. A painless experience that I greatly appreciated and would highly recommend.”

Bruce T.

Phoenix, AZ

“I was charged with handling the estate of a deceased family member while living out of state. The Investor Hub was extremely accommodating, giving me a fair price and closing in about two weeks. I was very happy with the entire process.”

James M.

Phoenix, AZ